Lack of diversity paralyzed the CIA. It can cripple your organization, too

Read our guest post on Forbes here.

The most recent Forbes piece is about the coming demise of Microsoft. Read it here.

One response to “Lack of diversity paralyzed the CIA. It can cripple your organization, too

  1. This was a brilliant article and I hope that people take note of it. I tweeted it the moment I read it – and it shows how important European strategists are becoming. Adding the importance of diversity and a failure to allow maverick thinking should become listed as one of the reasons for failing to anticipate surprises in the text books – alongside the other 3 you listed.

    Europe has the cultural diversity that the US lacks – although there is still a long way for Europe to go. (I’m thinking of senior management in many European multinationals – generally there is a mix of managers from several different countries, and not just one).

    An interesting company that I’ve looked at in the past that is a case example of the importance of diversity is ICICI Bank in India. People think of India as a patriarchal society. ICICI Bank is probably the most successful private sector bank in India and a major player in the Indian banking market and also globally. They are led by a woman CEO and have always had a couple of women on their board. (See for a discussion on this). Compare this to most other countries where the chance of a woman being CEO of a top bank would be very small. (Beth E. Mooney was the first woman to become CEO of a top 20 US independent bank (KeyCorp) in 2006 – years after India’s ICICI).

    I wonder also whether Apple’s success has been partly because they encouraged maverick thinkers. Guy Kawasaki is one example – now not with Apple. However Steve Jobs was the obvious example – and Jonathan Ive is another, as a top UK manager in a US company. Google’s leaders are originally Russian, and they illustrate their off-the-wall thinking each year with their April Fool (Le Poisson d’Avril) jokes.

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