Personal Genetic Testing Companies – an Update

Last week, I again attended VALUEx.   If you’re a Value Investor, this is no more interesting use of your time – it is an extraordinary gathering of intelligent, talented and fun people.

Like me, many people at VALUEx avoid investing in technology firms.  On the other hand, many participants know that it’s important to follow the evolution of what I call the “3 GRAIN” technologies (3D printing, Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Nanotechnology).  Each of the 3 GRAIN general purpose technologies will have an increasing impact on the creation of value in the years ahead.   Moreover, how they will combine to produce social changes is something that Philippe and I think about a lot.
Anyway, at VALUEx several people were interested in personal genomics and genetic testing.  After all, according to some, genetic technology is accelerating four-times faster than computer technology has, leading some researchers to talk about “engineering life at Moore’s-Law-times-four”, and calling this “the century of biology”.
Therefore, today I thought I’d share an update to my old 23andme post.  Below is a list of companies in the direct-to-consumer genetic testing business.  Because many countries don’t permit the export of genetic material for testing (have they been talking to NY State?), the list includes some foreign knock-offs of 23andme:
A moderately up-to-date list of US firms is also maintained by the Genetics and Public Policy Center of Johns Hopkins University here.
I am positive that there are more firms, and also I am sure that there are scores of specialized firms like Athleticode that offer services to doctors (and in Athleticode’s case, certified athletic trainers), not consumers.
Please let us know in our comments section of any other firms that you find!
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NB: The inclusion or mention of a firm above in no way represents an endorsement of their products and services.

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